Media appearances

silicon slopes life cover.jpg

Silicon Slopes Life podcast (with Andrew Diaz)

Andrew Diaz and I have known each other for years through the ChooseFI Salt Lake City personal finance group. In this podcast, I explain what a financial coach does and some of my approach to helping people get more out of their money by focusing on what is important in their own lives.


Success through failing podcast (with Wendy bunnell)

In 2018, I was burned out. My job paid well and the people were great, but my commute was long and I wasn’t excited to do what I was doing day in and day out. I needed a change, yet I didn’t know what that looked like and felt a bit guilty that I even wanted to make one. How do you deal with feeling like you want something more when in so many ways you have more than you ever could have hoped for? That’s the impetus for my conversation with Wendy Bunnell, where I talk about leaving my job to take a mini-retirement and ultimately find the path to financial coaching.


10 easy ways to cut your monthly expenses (republic wireless blog)

I share several tips on how to reduce your monthly spending as part of this roundup on the Republic Wireless cellular carrier blog. I’ve been a Republic customer myself for years, as they are one of the cheapest yet reliable carriers out there. Check out the blog post here.