Is financial coaching right for you?


What does a financial coach do?

I help my clients identify their goals and how they will achieve them financially. Because I want you to Live Your Way, that process will be as unique as you are. Some clients need basic financial education, others need help creating a debt-payoff or savings plan, and still more may need help identifying mistakes or habits that are keeping them from making progress on their goals.

How is a financial coach different from a financial planner or advisor?

I don’t manage investments, do tax planning, or sell you anything but my time and expertise. In fact, if you do work with a financial planner or financial advisor, working with a financial coach can make you an even better client for them. Why? Because a financial coach works with you to build positive financial habits and increase your discretionary income. My job is to make you a more confident, educated, and powerful participant in your financial future.

How do I know if I need financial coaching?

If you feel like you could be doing something more with your money, chances are I can help you. Live Your Way Financial Coaching may be a good fit for you if some or all of these apply. Do you:

  • Have a household annual income of $60,000 or more

  • Have consumer debt, including:

    • Credit cards

    • Student loans

    • Auto loans

    • Medical expenses

    • Personal loans

  • Live paycheck to paycheck or have less than $5,000 of emergency funds saved

  • Don’t fully understand where your money is going and why

  • Struggle to find money to fund retirement, vacations, home repairs, and other larger expenses or goals

  • Need a straightforward, step-by-step plan to get out of debt

  • Want to feel confident about and in control of your finances

  • Expect to go through (or are going through) a life transition and need guidance on making that transition smoother financially

  • Think there is a better way to manage your money but aren’t sure where to start

  • Desire knowledge, tools, and techniques to transform your financial life

Is there anyone whom you don’t work with?

I feel an obligation to work with clients for whom I truly believe I can change their lives for the better. You can always schedule a free 20-minute call to see whether we are a good match. However, Live Your Way Financial Coaching may not be a good fit for you if you:

  • Have an annual household income of less than $60,000

  • Are currently facing bankruptcy, foreclosure, or other major financial trouble

  • Have a significant legal situation that limits your ability to make financial changes

  • Are not ready to examine your financial values, goals, and behaviors honestly

  • Want a quick fix that requires little to no effort on your part

What services are not included as part of your coaching?

Live Your Way Financial Coaching is not qualified to:

  • Provide advice about individual stocks or investments or asset allocations

  • Give tax advice or prepare tax documents

  • Manage assets on your behalf

  • Perform debt negotiation or credit repair services

  • Offer individual or couples counseling beyond the financial scope